Best Projector Under $2000

Best Projector Under $2000 in 2023 [4K Enabled]

When we talk about the projector, our mind hits a big screen in its imagination. Yes, it is true that a projector is a device that can project images onto a large screen or another surface. Nowadays, projectors are used in a variety of applications such as classrooms, conference rooms, home theaters, and business meetings.

As you can see and hear, the projector market is growing rapidly. With the advent of 4K technology, the projector market is poised for growth. So you can be ready to get the best, most immersive experience possible. Today, 4K projectors are becoming more affordable and come up with a significant image quality over traditional projectors.

If you are looking for a 4K-enabled projector that has the best features and specifications, this is the right place for you. We have collected some of the best projectors under $2000. And here, we will discuss them including their Key Features, Specifications, Pros, Cons, and also the final recommendation of the product.

How to Pick the Best Projector Under $2000 – Buying Guide

Before visiting the review section of this post first, you should know how to pick the perfect projector as per your need. This buying guide is designed to help you figure out which projector is right for you based on your budget, needs, and preferences.

Check The Required Resolution

Look For a Good Amount of Brightness

Consider Contrast Ratio for Vivid Content

Check the amount of Input Lag Mainly for Gaming 

Input lag is the amount of time it takes for the projector to display an image after receiving a signal from the gaming console or computer. A high input lag can result in a noticeable delay between button presses and on-screen actions, which can negatively impact gameplay. Look for projectors with an input lag of 30 milliseconds or less.

Look For a Higher Refresh Rate

If you are planning the projector for your home theater so you can watch your favorite movie or play video games with your friends, consider the higher possible Refresh rates. The refresh rate is the number of times per second that the projector can update the image on the screen.

A higher refresh rate can result in smoother gameplay and reduce the chance of screen tearing. Look for projectors with a refresh rate of at least 60Hz.

Get Lens Shift Features For Adjustment

You should check to get a projector with horizontal and vertical lens shifts. The lens shift feature allows you to adjust the position of the image on the screen without physically moving the projector. This is useful for aligning the image properly, especially if the projector is mounted on the ceiling. 

Know The Lifespan of Lamp

The Projector has its own light source which we know as Lamp. Without a light source, the projector can project nothing, so its lifespan is an important consideration when buying a projector. Look for models with a lamp life of at least 3,000 hours, although some projectors can last up to 10,000 hours or more.

Check Connectivity Inputs as Per Your Need:

With the help of available connections Inputs and Ports, you can connect to a variety of devices to a projector, including laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles. So, you should Look for models with multiple connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, and Wi-Fi.

Best Projectors Under 2000 ~ At a Glance


In-depth Review Of The Best Projector Under 2000

Are you in a hurry, Don’t worry here we describe our list of the best projectors under $2000 which will give you a stunning experience to watch movies and enjoy your favorite games. The market is flooded with cheap projectors, but there are a few very high-quality projectors available for this price range that are totally worth buying. Without further delay, let’s start with the first projector.

1. Epson Home Cinema 4010 4K PRO-UHD

Epson Home Cinema


Projector Resolution1920 x 1080 – Supported 4K
Contrast ratio200000:1
Brightness2400 Lumens
Screen Size80 – 120 in
Built-in speakersNo


The Epson Home Cinema 4010 is the best projector on our list. If you are fond of gaming and looking for an Ultra HD projector for gaming as well as a home cinema, you can definitely go with the Epson Home Cinema 4010.  

You will get an exceptionally sharp 4K visual experience with 4K resolution processing with advanced pixel-shifting technology that allows you to precise control of three individual high-definition LCD chips.  

The projector provides a brightness level of 2,400 lumens for both color and white brightness so that you can enjoy the content even in ambient light.

It also offers an extreme color gamut, one of the first commercially available home theater projectors capable of displaying the full three-dimensional DCI P3 color space.

The Epson Home Cinema’s Precision Lens is designed for zero light leakage, with a proprietary 15-element precision glass structure and you can expect outstanding image clarity and edge-to-edge focus uniformity. 

Plus, the 3-axis motorized precision lens allows for easy adjustments after installation, with the ability to shift the lens left or right on the horizontal axis and up or down on the vertical axis.

Why it’s best:

  • True 3-chip projector design with 3LCD technology for exceptional color gamut and brightness
  • Advanced pixel shifting technology for sharp 4K resolution processing
  • Full 10-bit HDR color processing for faithful HDR content reproduction
  • Realtime 12-bit analog to digital video processing for smooth tonal transitions
  • Outstanding brightness of 2,400 lumens for a wider performance envelope and exceptional HDR performance
  • Extreme color gamut capable of displaying full DCI P3 color space for professional color accuracy
  • Epson Precision Lens with 15-element precision glass structure for outstanding image clarity and focus uniformity


  • Projector design with advanced 3LCD technology
  • Exceptionally sharp 4K visual experience 
  • Full 10-bit HDR processing and extreme color gamut
  • Epson Precision Lens designed for zero light leakage
  • 3-axis motorized precision lens for easy adjustments


  • Higher price point compared to some other projectors under $2000
  • May not be suitable for portable use

Final Recommendation:

The Epson Home Cinema 4010 is an exceptional projector under $2000, offering advanced features and exceptional performance. With its outstanding color gamut, brightness, and precision lens it is a great investment for home cinema, gaming, and business presentations.

2. BenQ TK700STi 4K HDR Gaming Projector

BenQ TK700STi – Gaming Projector Under $1500


Projector Resolution3840 x 2160 – 4K
Contrast ratio10000: 1
Brightness3000 Lumens
Screen Size60 – 150 in
Built-in speakersYes


The BenQ TK700STi is the best gaming projector for under $2000. The projector has various capabilities like its short-throw capabilities, 4K native resolution support, and user-friendly features that make this projector perfect for gamers. 

The projector has also low latency and compatibility with major gaming consoles, which you can get to ensure a smooth and immersive gaming experience.

When we talk about the compatibility of this projector, it is compatible with major consoles including Sony PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X, Google Stadia, providing bright, sharp images and equalized audio.

The short-throw technology in this projector and its ease of set-up makes it ideal for small spaces, and its user-friendly features allow for seamless operation. The projector comes with various other features like 1.2x zoom, flexible throw distances, 2D Auto Vertical Keystone, and Picture Rotation Adjustment for squared images.

Why it’s best:

  • Short-throw capabilities able to project at shorter distances 
  • Low latency 16ms at 4K/60Hz for minimal input lag, Game Mode/Game Sound Mode to fine-tune audio and images
  • Compatible with major consoles (Sony PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia)
  • Flexible throw distances, 2D Auto Vertical Keystone, Picture Rotation Adjustment for squared images
  • Google-certified Android TV and Google Play Store with over 5,000 latest Android apps, movies, shows, live sports, games, music, and more
  • Cast with Airplay and Chromecast. No app is needed. Remote controls both Android TV and projector


  • Short throw capability for projection at shorter distances
  • Low input lag for gaming
  • Compatible with major gaming consoles
  • User-friendly with easy set-up and remote control
  • Google-certified Android TV and Google Play Store for endless entertainment options
  • Industry-leading 3-year limited warranty


  • Limited Input or Ports Selection

Final Recommendation:

The BenQ TK700STi Gaming Projector is an excellent choice. With its short-throw capabilities and compatibility with major gaming consoles, this projector is perfect for gamers. The projector comes with an industry-leading 3-year warranty so you can use it without any worry.

3. LG CineBeam HU70LA UHD 4K Projector 

LG CineBeam HU70LA UHD 4K Projector


Projector Resolution3840 x 2160 – 4K
Contrast ratio150,000:1
Brightness1500 Lumens
Screen Size60 – 140 in
Built-in speakersYes, 10 W Speakers


Introducing the LG CineBeam HU70LA Projector, one of the top picks for the Best Projector Under $2000. This projector comes with a breathtaking screen size of up to 140 inches that delivers 4K UHD resolution with 8.3 million pixels for a vivid and immersive visual experience. 

The projector is Internet Ready means you can connect your projector to the world of the Internet and start browsing. Another great feature that you may not get in other options in this price range is the built-in Alexa feature. This makes your home theater smarter.

The projector is equipped with HDR technology with Dynamic Tone Mapping. The HDR technology is responsible to process and improving quality at the pixel level. With HDR 10 technology in this projector, you can get optimized picture quality, frame by frame. TruMotion technology generates animation frames to create a more fluid animation experience.

Why it’s best:

  • With XPR technology and 8.3 million pixels, this projector delivers four times the resolution of Full HD, producing a stunning picture with incredible detail.
  • The 4-channel LED with RGB separate color and Dynamic green technology creates vivid colors and deep blacks
  • The LG Magic Remote allows for easy adjustment of screen size and focuses 
  • Frame-by-frame optimization produces exceptional picture quality
  • AI ThinQ: Control your content with your voice, as the projector comes equipped with Google Assistant and Alexa built-in. Bluetooth compatibility and the Magic Remote make navigation easy.


  • Stunning 4K UHD resolution with advanced LED technology
  • Remote focus allows for easy screen size adjustment
  • HDR 10 with Dynamic Tone Mapping produces exceptional picture quality
  • AI ThinQ with Google Assistant and Alexa built-in for convenient control
  • Bluetooth compatibility and Magic Remote for easy navigation


  • Zoom scope has limitations
  • Limited connectivity options compared to other projectors

Final Recommendation:

The LG CineBeam HU70LA offers advanced LED technology, remote focus, and HDR capabilities, this projector delivers an exceptional viewing experience. This internet-ready projector offers unparalleled connectivity options and is perfect for home theater use, gaming, or even business presentations. These features make it a top pick in this price range.

4. XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K – Best Projector Under $2000

XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector


Projector Resolution3840 x 2160 – 4K
Contrast ratioN/A
Brightness2200 ANSI Lumens
Screen Size40 – 200 in
Built-in speakersYes


If you are in the market and looking for a top-quality projector that delivers stunning visuals, immersive sound, and a hassle-free setup, you can consider The XGIMI Horizon Pro

This advanced projector offers a range of impressive features, including True 4K technology, dual Harman Kardon speakers, and intelligent screen adaptation technology. 

The problem with the regular quality projectors is they don’t have this much resolution and brightness. This projector eliminates all that by providing 4K resolution and a higher brightness level of 2200 ANSI lumens.

With its super-fast setup and easy-to-use interface, the XGIMI Horizon Pro is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their home theater experience to the next level.

Why it’s best:

  • True 4K Technology: An ultra-bright 2200 ANSI lumens image with a standard resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and 8.29 million pixels for crystal-clear detail.
  • Experience immersive audio with dual 8W built-in Harman Kardon speakers, DTS-HD & DTS Studio Sound, and Dolby Digital compatibility.
  • Save time and hassle with automatic keystone correction, screen alignment, focus, and obstacle avoidance.
  • X-VUE 2.0 Image Engine delivers super-smooth motion compensation at 60Hz with HDR10 x HLG color format and AI brightness adjustment.
  • With access to over 5000 Google Play apps and Chromecast built-in, the XGIMI Horizon Pro provides intuitive voice control and wireless casting from any Apple/Android device.


  • Ultra-bright, true 4K image with crystal-clear detail
  • Immersive room-filling sound with dual Harman Kardon speakers
  • Hassle-free setup with intelligent screen adaptation technology
  • Super-smooth motion compensation with HDR10 x HLG color format 
  • Intuitive voice control and wireless casting with Android TV 10.0


  • DLP rainbow effect is visible
  • Does not stream the native Netflix app

Final Recommendation:

According to its advanced features, intuitive interface, and affordable price point, it’s the perfect choice to take your home theater experience to the next level. 

5. Epson EpiqVision Ultra Short Throw

Epson EpiqVision Best Projector Under $2000


Type3-Chip 3LCD
Projector Resolution4096 x 2160  – 4K
Contrast ratio1,500,000 : 1
Brightness3600 Lumens
Screen Size61 – 120 in
Built-in speakersYes, Yamaha Speakers


If you’re looking for a projector that delivers the ultimate home theater experience, we highly recommend the Epson EpiqVision Ultra Short Throw. This projector is perfect for gaming enthusiasts and movie lovers alike.

The projector has various features like exceptional color accuracy and brightness, ultra-short throw laser array technology, and a custom-designed audiophile 2.1 speaker system. By owning this projector you can get these all features to make it used at its optimum level.

If you want to connect your projector to Android devices you can use the latest Android TV interface with a simple-to-use remote, including voice search with built-in Google Assistant. Thus you can watch all your favorite streaming channels, including Hulu, HBO, Disney-plus, YouTube, and more.

With equipped the unique multi-array laser diode technology it can produce an exceptional level of brightness while significantly enhancing the black density.

This projector also offers Advanced 3LCD technology that displays 100% of the RGB color signal for every frame and thus it allows for outstanding color accuracy while maintaining excellent color brightness, without any distracting “rainbowing” or “color brightness” issues.

Why it’s best:

  • Comes with a custom-designed 2.1 speaker system that rivals soundbars, delivering powerful and emotional performance.
  • Can connect it via Bluetooth and use it as a standalone speaker.
  • The latest Android TV interface with a simple-to-use remote and built-in Google Assistant 
  • Ultra-Short Throw Laser Array Technology: This projector boasts a unique multi-array laser diode technology 
  • Streaming Laser Projector has a clean and modern aesthetic to fit beautifully within any décor.
  • Wirelessly cast your favorite content directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, including from popular Android and Apple devices.
  • Even Better with a Screen: The visual performance is stunning and rivals the picture quality of the best televisions when used with an optional ALR screen


  • Exceptional color accuracy and brightness
  • Custom-designed audiophile 2.1 speaker system
  • Ultra-short throw laser array technology
  • True 3-chip projector design
  • Elegant design & Chromecast built-in
  • Automatic scene-based color correction
  • Stunning visual performance with an optional ALR screen


  • Limited brightness compared to other projectors 
  • The Fan can get loud

Final Recommendation:

The Epson EpiqVision Ultra Short Throw is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-performing projector that delivers exceptional picture quality, sound, and ease of use. However, it may be priced higher than some other options in this category, but its advanced features and award-winning service and support make it well worth the investment. 

6. ViewSonic Smart LED 4K Projector 

ViewSonic Smart LED 4K Projector


Type4K UHD
Projector Resolution3840 x 2160 – 4K
Contrast ratio3000000:1
Brightness2900 Lumens
Screen SizeUp to 300 in
Built-in speakersYes, 3D Speakers


ViewSonic Smart LED 4K Projector is a top pick for the Best Projector Under $2000. It is an ideal choice for gaming and creates an immersive theater-like experience in 4K UHD of 3840×2160 pixels on a screen of up to 300 inches with 2900 LED lumens.

This projector boasts solid-state LED technology, which has a 30,000-hour lifespan and consumes less power than a typical LCD TV. ViewSonic Smart LED 4K Projector produces vivid colors with 125% Rec. 709 color accuracy and HDR content support.

The efficient airflow design reduces fan noise, and the Dual Harman Kardon speakers deliver vibrant room-filling sound. The Frame Interpolating Technology makes it perfect for intense action-packed gaming, delivering smooth images without delay.

This projector is versatile and can be mounted on the ceiling or placed on a media stand with ease. It has an Aptoide UI integrated menu that allows you to download and watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. 

Why it’s best:

  • A theater-like experience with 3840×2160 resolution and 2900 LED lumens.
  • With solid-state LED technology, this projector consumes less power than a typical LCD TV and has a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours.
  • The projector supports HDR content and 125% Rec. 709 color accuracy
  • Ideal for intense action-packed gaming, delivering smooth images without delay.
  • The projector can be mounted to the ceiling or placed on a media stand with ease.
  • Flexible Connectivity: The projector supports most media players, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices with input options such as Wi-Fi, HDMI, and USB Type-A.


  • Solid-state LED technology with a lifespan of 30,000 hours
  • 125% Rec. 709 color accuracy and HDR content support
  • Dual Harman Kardon speakers 
  • Smooth images without delay
  • Aptoide UI allows for easy download and streaming of popular apps


  • May not be bright enough for well-lit rooms

Final Recommendation:

The ViewSonic Smart LED 4K Projector comes with fantastic features like solid-state LED technology, vivid colors, and premium audio making for an immersive viewing experience. The projector is versatile, with flexible connectivity options and easy installation. However, its lower lumens may not be suitable for well-lit rooms. If you’re looking for a brighter option, check out our next product.

7. ViewSonic True 4K Projector

ViewSonic True 4K Projector


Type4K UHD
Projector Resolution3840 x 2160 – 4K
Contrast ratio12,000:1
Brightness3500 Lumens
Screen Size30 – 300 in
Built-in speakersYes, 10W Speakers


The ViewSonic True 4K Projector is a top pick under $2000. With its 3840×2160 resolution, 3500 lumens, and ability to support HDR content, this projector delivers stunningly detailed video playback on screens up to 300 inches. 

Additionally, with its flexible connectivity options and long lamp life, you can easily connect and enjoy your favorite media from a variety of devices, while also saving on replacement costs.

The projector also supports HDR content, which means you can enjoy incredibly detailed video playback, and the SuperEco mode allows the lamp to shine bright for up to 15,000 hours. 

Why it’s best:

  • 4X the clarity of Full HD, the ViewSonic True 4K Projector delivers incredibly detailed visuals on a screen up to 300 inches.
  • Delivers stunning home entertainment in bright or dark rooms with its 3500 lumens brightness.
  • HDR content support for incredible video playback
  • The SuperEco mode allows the lamp to shine bright for up to 15,000 hours, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Supports most media players, gaming consoles, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices with input options such as HDMI1.4 with HDCP 1.4, HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, USB, and more.


  • Stunning 4K UHD resolution with 4 times the clarity of Full HD
  • High brightness and detailed video playback
  • Supports HDR content
  • Long lamp life with SuperEco mode
  • Flexible connectivity options


  • Limited connectivity options 
  • Not ideal for streaming copyrighted content

Final Recommendation:

Whether you’re a movie buff or a serious gamer, this projector has everything you need to create an immersive home entertainment experience.  The ViewSonic True 4K Projector is our top pick for the best projector under $2000, thanks to its excellent features and unbeatable price.

8. Anker Nebula Cosmos Max 4K 

Anker Nebula – Best UHD Projector under 1500


Projector Resolution3840 x 2160 – 4K
Contrast ratioN/A
Brightness1500 ANSI Lumens
Screen Size80 – 150 in
Built-in speakersYes, 10W Cosmos speakers


If you want to own an exceptional home theater projector you must consider The Anker Nebula Cosmos Max 4K projector. As one of the top picks for the Best Projector Under $2000, this projector delivers astonishing 4K UHD image quality, complete with HDR10 and HLG. 

But the Cosmos Max isn’t just about image quality. It also boasts Dolby Digital Plus and Sound Dimension speakers that have been optimized to deliver 360° of true 3D audio, providing a new dimension of sound to your home theater experience. 

With the built-in digital zoom, you can easily adjust the image size without ever having to move the projector, giving you even more control over your viewing experience. 

Apart from that, the Cosmos Max can even upscale non-HDR content in real-time thanks to Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG), breathing new life into your old DVDs, videos, and live TV broadcasts.

Why it’s best:

  • True 4K UHD image quality for an immersive home cinema experience
  • Dolby Digital Plus and Sound Dimension for 360° of true 3D audio
  • Adjustable image size with built-in digital zoom
  • Upscaling for non-HDR content in real-time with Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG)
  • Android TV 9.0 with over 5000 apps for endless entertainment options
  • Connectivity options include HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Chromecast


  • Incredible 4K UHD image quality with HDR10 and HLG
  • Outstanding sound quality with 360° of true 3D audio
  • Extensive connectivity options
  • Built-in digital zoom for adjustable image size 
  • Real-time upscaling for non-HDR content with HLG
  • Easy firmware updates for peak performance


  • Pricier than some other options in the same category
  • May require additional equipment for optimal sound quality
  • Some users have reported issues with app compatibility

Final Recommendation:

The Anker Nebula Cosmos Max, the best projector under $2000 is a great choice for someone who wants a 4K projector that is portable, and capable of delivering a great picture. It can take your home cinema experience to the next level. 

9. Optoma UHD50X True 4K Projector

Optoma UHD50X True 4K Projector


Projector Resolution3840 x 2160 – 4K
Contrast ratio500,000:1
Brightness3000 Lumens
Screen Size60 – 120 in
Built-in speakersYes, 10 W Speakers


The projector comes from Optoma and is featured ultra-fast Gaming technology. This UHD50X model is the world’s first ultra-fast 240Hz gaming projector, offering a 16ms response time for the lowest input lag on a 4K projector.

The projector offers standard Throw Projection means you can expect to project a 100″ image from approximately 9–11 feet away and at the same time you can project a 120″ image from approximately 11–13 feet away. The UHD50X can project up to a 302″ image.

The device comes with UltraDetail technology that delivers enhanced image sharpness with a higher frame rate, while the RGBWRGBW 8 segment color wheel increases the color ratio for a richer, more cinematic image. You can enjoy your favorite movies with your family members with 3,400 lumens of brightness in any room, even outdoors.

The Optoma UHD50X is equipped with Dynamic Black technology that smooths lamp output to create a high contrast ratio of 500,000:1, which is responsible to make bright scenes appear clear while dark scenes remain detailed.

Why it’s best:

  • 8.3 million distinct addressable on-screen pixels, this projector delivers a true cinema-quality feel right in your own home.
  • Enjoy brighter whites and deeper black levels for an enhanced viewing experience
  • Dynamic Black technology provides more depth to the image by smoothing the lamp output 
  • Whether ceiling mounted or placed on a table, get the picture just right with 1.3X zoom, 5-15% vertical lens shift, and ±40° keystone correction.
  • Connect with most media players, gaming consoles, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices with input options such as HDMI 2.0 inputs with HDCP 2.2 support, HDMI 4K, USB, VGA, and more.
  • Enjoy up to 15,000 hours of lamp life, enabling an average of two 2-hour movies every day for 10-plus years.


  • Stunning 4K Ultra HD display
  • Ultra-fast 240Hz gaming mode
  • HDR & HLG compatible
  • Dynamic Black technology for high contrast ratio
  • Flexible installation options
  • Variety of input options
  • Standard throw projection up to 302″ image


  • The internal part gets hot sometimes
  • Built-in speakers may not be sufficient for some users

Final Recommendation:

The lag-free performance and 240Hz Refresh Rate make this projector ideal for pro gamers. And flexible installation options make it a standout product in its price range so you can pick this 4k UHD projector. 

10. BenQ HT3550 4K – Best Projector Under $2000

BenQ HT3550 4K Home Theater Projector


Projector Resolution4096 x 2160 – 4K
Contrast ratio30,000:1
Brightness2000 Lumens
Screen Size30 – 200 in
Built-in speakersYes, 3D Speakers


When it comes to the 4K Home theater systems, the BenQ brand comes into the picture that provides affordable yet quality projectors. Yes, if you want a projector with incredible clarity and rich colors for your home theater system, consider The BenQ HT3550 4K Home Theater Projector.

One of the standout features of this projector is its Cinematic Color Technology. The out-of-the-box factory-calibrated color-accurate projector with DCI-P3 color space provides a larger visible spectrum than you can get with Rec. 709, giving you a more immersive viewing experience.

Additionally, the HDR-PRO Tone Mapping feature provides an excellent contrast to ensure that your 4K content is professionally detailed, bringing the cinema experience right to your living room.

The HT3550 also boasts a 10-element lens array, which provides the right level of light penetration to produce best-in-class sharpness, color, quality, and clarity. This award-winning projector also features DLP technology, the leading technology in 90% of the world’s cinemas and 100% of digital IMAX theaters. 

Why it’s best:

  • True 4K projector with 3840×2160 resolution for incredible clarity and defined details
  • Cinematic color technology with factory-calibrated color accuracy and DCI-P3 color space
  • HDR-Pro tone mapping for greater contrast and a professional cinema experience
  • 10-element lens array with specialized all-glass lens grouping for best-in-class sharpness and color
  • Installation flexibility with 5% vertical lens shift and 1.3x big zoom lens for limited space setups
  • Award-winning projector, highly recommended by Projector Central and HometheaterHiFI in 2019
  • Industry-leading 3-year warranty, providing peace of mind and US-based customer service support
  • DLP technology, used in 90% of world cinemas and 100% of digital IMAX theaters, for a longer lasting, slimmer design and sharper, crisper image


  • True 4K resolution
  • Cinematic Color Technology
  • HDR-PRO Tone Mapping
  • 10-element lens array
  • Installation flexibility
  • DLP technology
  • 3-year limited parts and labor warranty


  • No Keystone correction
  • A Fan operation could have been improved

Final Recommendation:

With 8.3 million individual pixels, this projector delivers incredible clarity and crisp details for an unmatched home theater experience. You can definitely own this product if you are searching for a true 4K projector that delivers exceptional performance, color accuracy, and detail. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

FAQs -

Are budget 4K projectors worth it?

A budget of 4K projectors may seem like a good deal. A 4K projector has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and can display over 8 million pixels which makes it perfect for watching movies and TV shows in stunning detail. But It’s important to do thorough research and read reviews before making a purchase to ensure that the budget 4K projector meets your specific needs and requirements.

What features are important in a projector?

There are various features that you would need in a projector to make it convenient and smart enough for you. First and foremost, for a home theater setting you should consider, a minimum of 1500 lumens is recommended, while for business or education purposes, a minimum of 2500 lumens is suggested. 

Another important factor to consider is the contrast ratio. A high contrast ratio of at least 2000:1 is ideal for a clear and detailed image.

Resolution is also an important feature to consider, so a projector with at least 1080p resolution is recommended. Additionally, A widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9 is the most common for home theater use.

Apart from that other important features to consider include the type of projector technology (LCD, DLP, or LED), the connectivity options (HDMI, USB, VGA, etc.), the size and weight of the projector, and the noise level. Overall, it is important to carefully consider these features to ensure you choose a projector that meets your specific needs and budget.

What is the difference between 1080p vs 4k projectors?

The major difference between 1080p and 4K projectors are the resolution that they contain. 1080p has a resolution has 2073600 (more than 2 Million) pixels while 4K has a resolution has 8294400 (more than 8 Million) pixels. As in 4k, you will get a more precise and higher light output without compromising pixel quality. 

Which is better LCD or LED projector?

Both technologies are mostly used in different devices as they are popular because of their optimum performances and energy efficiency. When we talk about LCD Projectors, they typically have higher brightness and color accuracy than LED projectors. But they can be more expensive and have lower contrast ratios compared to LED projectors.
On the other hand, LED projectors are known for their energy efficiency and longer lifespan. They also have better contrast ratios and are generally more affordable than LCD projectors. But they may not be as bright as LCD projectors and may not have as wide a color gamut. So, choosing between an LCD or LED projector depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Which projector works well in a brighter room?

If you are planning to use your project in a brighter room, look for a lumen value of at least 3500. By having more Lumens you can even use the projector outdoors. So when buying the projector you should consider higher lumens as per your need.

The Bottom Line

We’ve reached the end of this article and hope, you can narrow down your options and make an informed decision that meets your needs. 

With advancements in technology, projectors under $2000 are now capable of delivering high-quality images, making them a great investment for home cinema, gaming, and business presentations. However, it’s important to note that while the quality of the projector is an important factor in achieving a great viewing experience, there are other variables such as ambient lighting and screen quality that can also impact the overall image quality. 

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